Is A Ford F-150 In Chicago An Essential Work Horse Or More Of An Image Thing?

Back in 1948, when the F series of light to medium duty pickup trucks were first introduced, it probably seemed quite simple. Here was a range of designs with a cab for the driver (and a passenger) with a spacious open bed at the rear for carrying bulky and/or heavy items and it should prove popular amongst small business operators who needed to (for example) transport animal feed to their fields or transport equipments to their worksites (a landscaper for example). The 150 is the most popular in the F series.

Far Beyond The Original Intention

The 150 served well as a commercial vehicle and, by 1977, it was the best selling pickup truck in the United States. However, by 1981 its sales had outstripped all other types of automobiles – not because of a huge increase in businesses needing pickup trucks but because a growing number of American drivers preferred to drive a pickup instead of a sedan for their day to day personal motoring.

Despite Luggage Security

In a sedan, you have restricted storage space in the trunk. With SUV’s and other rear door vehicles, luggage space is increased and that luggage is protected from the weather and securely locked inside. If you drive a pickup, then your luggage is out in the open subjected to any weather conditions and in full sight of potential thieves. However, this does not seem to worry 105 owners whether they own one for commercial or private use. Some have even gone to the length of enclosing the open bed in sort of imitation of an SUV.

Now In Its 13TH Different Generation

That the Ford F-150 in Chicago and across the nation remains the bestselling vehicle is evidence of its popularity amongst all types of driver for many different requirements. Commercially it is as sound a proposition as it ever was and, obviously, it has maintained its attraction to that part of the community at large that simply likes the image that driving a pickup imparts.

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