Inspecting A Used Car Before You Agree To Buy It

When you are going to purchase a used Chevrolet in Lockport a test drive is imperative, however, much of it should be done before you go anywhere. Yes, it is tempting to get in the car, start it and take it out for a spin but the truth is, it is wiser to subject the car to a close inspection before you drive as well as after. In this way you are in a better position to determine the condition of the car and confirm the answers to your initial questions that you posed to the salesperson.

The condition of a used car and the way it was cared for are at least as important if not more so than the manufacturer, the model or the features. Once you have finished your test drive you may not know that the car is sound without getting the opinion of an independent mechanic but one thing is for sure; you will know if it’s not, this at least will save you from spending an unnecessary amount to have it independently inspected.

When you head off to see the car, dress appropriately, wear clothes that you can get dirty without worrying about it, and most importantly, make your inspection during the day.

Start at the bottom and work your way up, check the condition of the frame and floor pan, look for any evidence of rust and look in particular for any area that appears very different than the rest. A freshly painted area on the frame usually means the car was involved in an accident and suffered significant damage.

While your down low, check the tires, look for uneven wear as well as overall wear. If the tires are well worn and the car has low mileage there is something wrong and it should be checked out with the owner. If the tires are worn unevenly, there is something wrong with the alignment or it was in an accident.

Do a complete walk around the Chevy in Lockport that you are considering, look for any evidence of rust, dings and dents. Open and close the doors, hood and trunk; they should latch smoothly and the body panels should be aligned.

Finally, open the engine compartment and start the car. Check to see that the engine is clean, make sure there are no oil or fluid leaks. Shut the engine off again, pull the dipstick and check the condition of the oil; if its thick and dark it is evidence of poor maintenance. Now, and only now can you restart the car and take it for a test drive to check the brakes, steering and suspension.

When you buy your used Chevy in Lockport from a reputable dealer a lot of this work will have been done for you. For a high quality used Chevy you are invited to visit Hawk Chevrolet Cadillac of Joliet.


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