How to Respond When the Other Insurance Company Calls After an Accident

You’re shaken and not entirely yourself. That’s a common reaction after being involved in a car accident. Planning to file a claim? You’ll need to stay on your toes to make sure you don’t make mistakes that could cost you:

Never admit fault

Insurance companies will use any excuse to get out of paying those claims. They’ll hound you for details and try to make you take the blame. Even if you think you might have been at fault, don’t accept the blame. Let your accident attorneys sort that out. Don’t say anything that could incriminate you.

Let your lawyers negotiate

Negotiating with the other driver without contacting the insurance companies about the accident is a mistake, cautions the InsuraneHotline. In case the damage turns to be major instead of minor or if you end up getting major injuries out of the accident, the lack of an accident report can hurt your chances of getting the compensation you deserve. Contact your accident attorneys and let them do the talking instead.

Stay until thing are settled

It can be tempting to simply leave the accident scene as soon as possible. But you’ll want to have everything sorted out, even if that means going to the police station. You’ll need to provide the other driver with your information too. Don’t forget to get the other driver’s insurance information and contact number as well. If there were witnesses at the scene, make sure you get their information as well for your lawyer to use accordingly.

Consult your lawyer

Hiring legal help gives you the support and assistance you need to go through every step the case. With a lawyer, you can settle the case with less hassle and stress and look forward to faster results.


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