How to Manage Parent Custody in the State of Illinois

Family law cases in Illinois have become more complicated recently due to law changes made by the state legislature. Families that are going through a divorce are asked to adhere to many strict guidelines that govern how children are cared for in the wake of a divorce, and a Hinsdale family lawyer will address the case according to these new laws.

Keeping a Schedule Everyone Agreed To

Parents and children will be plunged into a schedule that must be approved by the court. Each parent is given specific responsibilities in terms of schooling, holidays, childcare, and payments for child welfare. Parents must follow these parameters at the direction of their lawyer or face censure by the court.

Communication and Transportation

Parents have agreed to the holiday, extracurricular, and school schedule, and they must ensure that they have agreed on who picks up children, takes them to events, or takes them to school. The parents must have an open line of communication, and contact information must be in the custody contract.


A Hinsdale family lawyer may prefer to mediate any disputes, and the provision for mediation may be included in the contract to ensure that the family does not end up in court where a judge will make these decisions for the parents.

Planning for Emergencies

Children may be asked to stay late after school for practice, or they may be stuck in the place where they had Thanksgiving. Both parents must agree that they will allow for these minor lapses in the schedule because they cannot be planned or avoided. A Hinsdale family lawyer may prefer to lay out how each emergency will be handled, or the parents may agree to simply let small slips in the schedule fall by the wayside. Each step in the process will ensure compliance with new Illinois laws.

Cesario & Walker is a family law office located on Chicago Avenue in Hinsdale, Illinois that offers services to clients who are in the midst of delicate family cases. Their work includes helping divorcing parents and their children work through the custody contract that is strictly controlled in Illinois.


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