How To Find Vet Recommended Dog Chews

Talking to your vet about recommendations for food and chews is always a good suggestion. This discussion should not just happen once, but it should occur at key points in your dog’s life.

Puppies, adult dogs, and senior pets will all have different needs for food and dog chews. Ideally, if your dog is having any type of digestive problems, discussing all types of treats, chews, and food your dog has will be important in helping the vet to pinpoint the cause of the problem.

Most vet’s today do not recommend the use of rawhide chews. This is particularly true for dogs with digestive problems, health conditions, dental issues or dogs that are aggressive chewers or gulpers. Rawhide is a known irritant for sensitive digestive systems, and it can also pose a very real risk of blockages for aggressive chewers as they swallow small and large chunks.

Ask For Options

Asking for vet recommended dog chews is a simple way to find out what your vet suggests for your dog or dogs. Most vets recommend a natural product, such as baked pork skin, which is both healthy as well as appealing to weaned puppies and dogs of all ages.
These products come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. It is a good idea to try out a few and find which one your dog enjoys the most. These chews will stimulate the gums and help to clean the teeth, but they will not leave the messy residue of rawhide, which makes them safe to give even in the house.

Look Online

Once you have a list of vet recommended dog chews, go online to the manufacturer’s site. The top companies will have retailer information on their site, allowing dog owners to find a store offering the recommended product in their area.

Remember, many vet recommended dog chews can also be bought at online pet food websites and through large websites offering pet products. Just be sure to verify you are purchasing the safe dog chew and not a product that contains rawhide.


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