How to Find a Reputable Bad Credit Car Dealer

You need a bad credit car dealer, or you can’t get a reliable car. You’ve seen commercials from dealerships claiming that they can get you a good deal although you have bad credit, but you’re not sure if it’s too good to be true. How can you know who to trust? Which dealerships are as good as they claim? Here are some tips on how to find reputable Broken Arrow OK bad credit car dealers.


The easiest first way to find references for a dealer is to look up online reviews. What are previous customers saying about the dealer? Did the dealer take advantage of them, or did they get good service and a good deal? Don’t be afraid to ask a potential dealer for references. A dealer that does good work isn’t afraid to give a few names of clients who can attest to their quality.


Car loans last about five years on average. That means you need a dealer who can stay around for the next five years, or they can sell your loan off to a corporate collector when they close. If you go to the care of picking out a dealer whom you feel comfortable with, you want that relationship to stick around. Make sure they’ve been in business for at least five years already because that shows their business model is working.

Customer Service

Do you get a genuine, friendly vibe from the staff when you meet them? Are they respecting your budget without trying to push you to buy an expensive car? You want to make sure the dealer respects you and is friendly. With a bad credit car loan, you have to maintain that relationship for a few years.

Car Service

Do they offer any warranty or continued service on the car? If that car dies before five years is up, you still have to pay it off. Make sure the dealer has enough faith in their cars to offer a warranty.

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