How to Choose Hand Dryers for Your Restrooms

When you’ve finally decided to make the switch from paper towels to hand dryers for restrooms in your building, you may wonder where to start when it comes to picking the right ones. As you’ve been shopping, you’ve certainly noticed that there are many different hand dryers to choose from.

Here are some features to look for to help you choose the right hand dryers for restrooms at your facility.

  • Speed – If your restrooms see heavy traffic, high-speed dryers will help ensure that your restrooms don’t develop long lines of people waiting to use the dryers. These dryers are also more energy efficient because they dry hands much faster and with much less electricity.
  • Voltage – Some dryer options work only with one type of wiring in your facility, while others have a universal voltage, and will work with any voltage from 100-240.
  • Budget – High-speed dryers cost a little more upfront, making these out of budget for some customers who need to buy a lot of dryers at one time. However, these dryers cost less overall than less expensive dryers, due to their energy efficiency. When considering your budget, it’s also important to take into consideration the amount of money you’ll save by not having to buy paper towels. When you consider this important savings, you may find that you can afford the slightly more expensive options, since the savings in the long run is so great.

Armed with these tips, picking hand dryers for restrooms at your location should be much easier. Choose a company you can trust to offer several different model options and to provide you with guidance as you make your purchase. Once you have your new hand dryers installed, you’re sure to be thrilled with how much cleaner and tidier your restrooms look, and with how much money you’re saving.

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