How Skylights can Make Your Day Brighter

Installing a modern skylight can help you shed more light on your day. Thanks to new technology and designs there is a skylight option for every dark area in your home.

Do you know what can make two, identical rooms feel completely different? Even if the décor, furnishings and accessories are all the same, one can feel bright and alive while the other feels dark and depressing. When everything else is equal, the reason for this difference is the light – especially the amount of natural light a space receives.

Selecting a Skylight

If you find the idea of a skylight appealing, then you are about to get a pleasant surprise. New technology and designs mean it is not possible to add a skylight to virtually any area of you home where light would be beneficial. With the tips here you will be sure to get the right amount of light into your space.

Tips for Installing a Skylight

When you are ready to install a skylight, consider the following:

1. Select a fixed skylight in an area where all you need is a bit more light.

2. The ventilating skylight will open and close. Select this option if you want better ventilation in a room.

3. For smaller rooms or spaces where light cannot enter through the ceiling directly, then a tubular skylight may be the right option.

The fixed skylights offer the largest numbers of styles and sizes. They can come in flat, polygonal, pyramidal or domed shapes. There are dozens of different styles available, but if you decide that none of these fit your needs, then you can have a custom skylight designed just for your home.
A ventilating skylight can also be custom designed; however, they are typically domed or flat. Thanks to remote control devices and mechanised operating systems, opening and closing the skylights is simple.

The tubular types of skylights are a newer option in regard to skylight technology. In this design, the light will enter into the space through a clear dome that is on the roof and then goes in to the interior of the space thanks to a reflective tube. These are ideal for areas where a ceiling is preventing the light from being able to enter the room directly from the roof.

Consider all the options to help choose the right skylight for your home or space.



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