How A Drug Crime Lawyer In Manhattan KS Can Help A Person Fight Drug Charges

by | Jun 9, 2015 | Lawyers

People should take any drug charges filed against them very seriously. A conviction on drug charges can negatively affect a person’s chances when it comes to getting certain jobs. Once a person realizes that they are facing drug charges, they should hire a Drug Crime Lawyer in Manhattan KS. It’s always best for a person to be proactive when they find out that they could be charged with a drug crime. It’s important for a person to realize that an arrest doesn’t necessarily mean charges will result. As such, a person should hire a lawyer to deal with things before charges are officially filed.

Whether a person hires Addair Thurston Chtd. or another qualified Drug Crime Lawyer in Manhattan KS, it’s important that the person facing the charges avoid trouble while the case is pending. Getting arrested while a case is in the system is never a good thing. If a person is facing drug charges, it’s a good idea to stay away from places where drugs might be encountered. This means a person should avoid going out to clubs and parties until criminal matters are resolved. If a person has any friends who like to indulge in drugs, they should be avoided until the case is over with.

Some drug charges are more serious than others. Felony drug charges are tied to stiffer penalties than misdemeanor drug charges. There are also federal charges. Federal drug charges are usually associated with drugs that are moved over state lines. Also, if a person uses email, regular mail, or a fax to do a drug transaction, there might be federal charges added to the case. People need to realize that federal charges usually carry stiffer penalties than state charges. Federal prosecutors have very high rates of success when it comes to trying drug cases in federal court.

People who are charged with drug crimes shouldn’t give up hope. There are quite a few defensive strategies that can be used to work out a favorable outcome for the defense. In some cases, charges may be dropped completely. Drug lawyers can also work to get the charges reduced. Some cases end up with the defendants getting probation without any jail or prison time. Each case is different and needs to be handled accordingly.

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