How a Chapter 7 Attorney in Martinsburg, WV Help You Get a Fresh Start

An embarrassing time may arise in the life of a person who ends up having to file bankruptcy. However, so many people are filing bankruptcies these days, that it is really nothing to be embarrassed about. People’s debts become too overwhelming for them all the time. Bankruptcy can actually be a blessing for some people who are looking for a way to start over. People can opt to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which is a reorganization of their debts. They can opt to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is a virtual wiping away of all debt. There is a Chapter 7 attorney in Martinsburg WV who helps clients with this type of bankruptcy.

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all debts that qualify are erased, allowing the debtor to start fresh. A trustee will be appointed to sell all the assets of the debtor which are not exempt. The trustee will then pay the debtor those assets which are exempt. The net proceeds from the liquidation will be paid to the creditors minus the commission the trustee is allowed. Thus, the debtor can now have a clean slate.

Some of the debts cannot be discharged. Included in these are alimony, fraudulent taxes, child support, some taxes and student loans. In the wiping out of the debt, there is some secured debt the debtor may be allowed to keep. This could be the house, the car or the furniture, or all of it. The debt must be reaffirmed by the debtor signing a voluntary agreement. Once this is done, the debt cannot be filed for bankruptcy again for another eight years. Also, the reaffirmed debt must be brought up to current payment.

The Sherman Law Firm has been providing legal solutions to bankruptcy clients in the Martinsburg, West Virginia area for many years. In addition to helping clients with bankruptcy, the law firm also practices law in social security, personal injury, real estate, domestic relations and criminal law. Clients are offered personal attention and aggressive legal service. If any parties are looking for a Chapter 7 attorney in Martinsburg WV, the law firm is available. Visit the website at


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