Hats are the Perfect Winter Giveaway

Many companies like to have logo apparel to give away to employees or customers. T-shirts and hoodies are popular items, but can get very expensive. When you’re looking for something that makes a great winter giveaway without breaking the bank, consider warm winter hats.

Hats in beanie and toboggan styles are extremely popular during cold winter months. Customers and employees alike will be begging for hats throughout the winter. Use a vendor that offers custom hat embroidery so that you can have your logo embroidered on the front of the hat.

Winter hats are a great value because, even with custom hat embroidery these generally cost far less than having sweatshirts made for a winter giveaway. They are a great option when the budget is a little tight, or when you simply need a larger quantity of giveaways on the same budget.

Winter hats that can be custom embroidered come in several different styles and weights. This allows you to customize your choice of hat to give you the best hat for your climate and your budget.

Your custom hat embroidery vendor can likely offer you discount pricing if you buy hats in bulk. This allows you to get the best deal possible. And since winter hats never go out of style, if you don’t use all the hats you buy this winter, you can bet these will be just as popular next year.

Talk with your vendor to determine the best hats for your winter giveaway. Their professional advice can help you choose hats that will look great when custom embroidered with your logo, and that will provide great advertising for your company throughout the winter months. Offering winter hats is a great way to provide a useful product to loyal employees and customers without going to great expense.


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