Get Your Pet the Best Emergency Care with These Tips

Emergencies can happen to any pet.  If you are concerned about your pet’s health, you should never hesitate to call your vet right away or go to their office. You know your pet best, so if you feel like something is wrong, you’re probably right. You must make sure you have the best emergency vets in Wicker Park.

Be Proactive

Not all veterinarians offer emergency services. Before choosing a vet, you should ask them if they offer emergency care. You want to make sure you are prepared in the event of an emergency. If the veterinarian tells you they do not treat emergencies, then you have to decide if that is the best option for you. If they do not offer emergency care, the way they handle emergency situations is most likely making you travel to the closest emergency animal hospital. If you like your vet and are okay with having to go elsewhere for emergency care, then you should always make sure you know how to get to all emergency locations. It is your responsibility, to prepare for the unthinkable.

Emergency Services

It is always an added bonus to have a vet that has its own emergency services. If you have a pet that has special needs, then it is especially important to have easy access to an emergency care facility. There are also vets that provide in-home emergency calls for pets that are too ill or injured to visit their office. You want to know that if your pet has an emergency, that your pet clinic has all of the most up-to-date equipment. You also want to make sure that the vets and vet technicians are exceptionally qualified to treat pets in emergency situations. When you visit your vet’s website, it should give you a comprehensive list of all of the routine services as well as emergency services provided at their location. It should also give you information on the vets and their areas of expertise, as well as all other staff. You should never assume your vet can handle an emergency situation without researching and asking.

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