Get the Right Benefits With the Help of an SSI Disability Attorney

One-quarter of those who are 20 years old today will be disabled before reaching age 67, according to information from the Social Security Administration. Thankfully, though, Social Security does more than provide older people an income during retirement; it also pays disability benefits based on a person’s work history. With that fact in mind, here are a few things employees and their families should know before calling an SSI Disability Attorney.

There Are Two Types of Disability Insurance

Generally, when someone speaks of Social Security disability, they’re talking about SSDI or Social Security disability insurance. This program is intended to replace a worker’s lost income should they become disabled. Additionally, a program called SSI or Supplemental Security Income is based on a person’s financial need, not their work record. However, this guide refers to Social Security disability insurance.

Eligibility for Disability Insurance

To qualify for benefits, a person must meet two criteria.

  • First, they must have worked in covered employment for a certain period. The minimum requirement depends on the worker’s age, and it varies from one and one-half years for those disabled before age 28 to nine and one-half years for those disabled at the age of 60.
  • Second, the worker must be disabled. Disability benefits are typically paid out to those who can’t work because of medical conditions that are expected to go on for at least a year or are terminal.

It’s important to remember that a person must be fully unable to work, as there’s no such thing as short-term or partial Social Security disability benefits.

Expected Payouts

Just as with retired workers, a person’s average earnings subject to Social Security taxes are used to determine their benefits. Generally, the amount a worker may receive is slightly less than they would have gotten if they’d worked up to full retirement age. The most efficient way to determine a potential payout is to view the current Social Security statement; an SSI Disability Attorney may be able to help as well.

While disability insurance is a great safety net, it may not be enough for everyone. If a person believes they may have difficulty getting the benefits to which they’re entitled, a disability lawyer will provide valuable assistance. Visit for more details or call to schedule a consultation. You can connect us at Linkedin.


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