Get The Beautiful Deck You’ve Been Long For With A Free Consultation

You can gear up for summer and Get the beautiful deck you’ve been longing for. Now is a great time to make plans for your summer designs while you’re stuck in your home with the weather. A professional company that installs decks can offer a free consultation with custom plans for your outside living area and incorporate items that you want in your deck area such as a kitchen area or hot tub.

There are various materials you can choose from for your decking materials to Get the beautiful deck you’ve been longing for. You can choose from:

     *     Composite

     *     Red wood

     *     Exotic woods

     *     Cellular PVC

     *     Cedar

     *     Treated

The most economical type of deck is a treated lumber deck. It also wards off decay, micro-organisms and insects. The downside to pressure treated lumber is you have to paint or stain it at least every other year to keep it looking nice. In addition, pressure treated lumber tends to splinter over time with harsh winters and blistering summers.

Composite and cellular PVC decking is more expensive, but is not treated with chemicals like treated lumber is. It designed for strength and durability and can maintain its beauty for many years. You do not have to paint or stain this type of decking which saves you time and money. It is resistant to most weathering, bugs or warping. You will not have splintering of the boards which makes it safer for children, pets and your bare feet. These materials usually carry a warranty that you will not find if you purchase a treated lumber deck.

A benefit of a composite or cellular PVC deck increases the value of your home. Whenever you sell your home, you can recoup almost all of the investment you made by choosing this type of decking. You can choose the colour you want for your home and don’t have to worry about the colour changing once the paint or stain is applied to the wood.

Treated deck lumber may be cheaper to install, but in the long run, composite decking will cost you less on maintenance and replacement costs. Start planning your deck today before summer arrives.


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