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Are you one of the millions of Americans suffering from allergies? So many things can cause allergic reactions and treatment is necessary. Finding an Allergy Doctor in Louisville KY has never been easier.


Allergies can be caused by almost anything that surrounds us on a daily basis. The most common allergies are seasonal, pet, and food. Allergic disease can cause many symptoms ranging from a runny nose to anaphylaxis.

Seasonal allergies are caused by plants pollinating at different times of the year. Ragweed is the most familiar culprit because it grows for several months over much of the United States.

Pet allergies come into play when living in or visiting a home with a pet. Cats and dogs cause many of these issues as they shed their fur throughout the house. Sneezing, itchy eyes and skin reactions can occur.

Food allergies are becoming more common with four percent of the adult population affected. Peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish contribute to most of these cases. Food allergies can cause hives and lift threatening swelling in the mouth and throat.


The first step in treating allergies is identifying them. Seeing an allergist for testing is the first step. There are a few kinds of allergy testing that may be recommended.

A skin prick test gives almost instant results. A small amount of different allergens is placed just below the skin. After thirty minutes the areas are checked, and any spots that are red or swollen indicate an allergy.

A patch test consists of placing adhesive squares on the skin. These squares are loaded with common allergens and observed over three days. This allows delayed reactions and contact dermatitis to be detected.

A blood test is also a way to check for allergies. This option is good for small children and babies who may not be able to tolerate a skin prick test. A simple blood draw recommended by your allergist is all it takes.


Once the affecting allergens have been identified, treatment can begin. Avoidance is important and limiting exposure is the first line of defense. When avoidance isn’t possible, an allergist can provide options that will help. A daily medication or allergy shots are common allergy treatments. Over the counter, allergen blockers are especially helpful with pet allergies.

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