Fuel Wheels for Off the Beaten Path

If you like to explore places where most cars simply cannot go, you need the best possible equipment. Fuel wheels are known for their exceptional off road rims and there are many reasons to consider these wheels for your 4 wheeler.

Why Fuel Wheels?

Fuel is known for their innovative design in off road wheels and they use the latest in technology to provide you with the highest quality wheels. Going off the road can often be hazardous and you can’t afford to put anything but the best on your vehicle. Here are some of the types of wheels Fuel has to offer.

One Piece Fuel Wheels

Once piece forged wheels are some of the strongest you can buy. Because they are constructed in one piece, they are very solid. You can choose one piece wheels in cast or forged construction.

Two Piece Fuel Wheels

Many people are seeing the benefits of two piece wheels. In fact, there are several advantages:

  • Cost – manufacturers can make more styles by simply changing the hub and this cost can be passed on to you.
  • Replacement – if the outer portion is damaged (and this can easily happen when off-roading) you can replace it.
  • Aesthetics – many people like the look of the two piece wheel.

Deep Lip Fuel Wheels

Deep lip rims provide an offset look which is very appealing. Before buying this type of rim, make sure you have adequate brake caliper clearance as some models are offset quite a bit.

Forged Wheels

Unlike cast wheels (which are made from melted metal poured into molds) forged wheels are created by a special process in which one large piece of metal is forced into a shape with great pressure. The process is more expensive than casting but produces a wheel which is very strong and yet light in weight.

Lighter wheels create less unsprung weight on your vehicle. This results in better performance and makes it easier to control the vehicle. In addition, less weight means better gas mileage and in the world of four wheel drive vehicles, fuel economy is a major consideration.

Dually Wheels

If you are running a dually axle you don’t have to settle for boring or unattractive wheels. Fuel Wheels makes some attractive full blown front and back wheels which perfectly match. Choose from a large variety of designs including black and chrome models. No matter what your off road needs are, you can find the right wheels when you go with Fuel.

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