From the Jakob to the Volvo Xc90 – 3 Ways Volvo Has Changed the Game

The first Volvo automobile was affectionately referred to as “Jakob” by its creators. In the nearly one-hundred years since that time, much has changed. However, the Volvo brand continues to be a leader in the automobile industry. Here are three ways Volvo doesn’t just follow trends – it sets them.

Superlative Safety

Volvo cars are some of the safest in the world. Year after year, Volvo continues to come in first among all other luxury competitors for both safety and comfort, offering consumers the highest quality interior innovation and exterior safety features. Volvo is even credited with creating the modern, three-point seatbelt that is now standard to all vehicles. How’s that for industry leadership?

Technological Marvels

Volvo is one of the first brands to introduce the concept of “infotainment” to even its standard models. Volvo owners can use a newly-released mobile application to find a parked car or locate a stolen one, further ensuring safety and security. The brand continues to be a celebrity and civilian favorite for its marriage of luxury to practicality.

Ongoing Innovation

Volvo hasn’t stopped innovating and won’t stop anytime soon. Newer models include the Volvo Xc90 series, one of the biggest developments in Volvo’s recent history. Changing the face of the sports utility vehicle category by offering a comfortable, car-like ride and drive, this vehicle is a top choice for families as it seats up to seven. An added benefit? It is one of the first vehicles to offer safety features that keep all riders equally secure, regardless of where they’re sitting in the car. Year after year, time after time, Volvo just keeps outpacing its competitors and changing the way the auto industry updates.

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