Frequent Questions Often Asked To Paternity Lawyers in Winnebago County IL

When it comes to children, paternity often times becomes a very big issue. A mother might seek to officially determine paternity to seek some amount of support. A presumed father might seek paternity in order to have more legal rights over their own child. These are the types of cases that can be handled by a paternity lawyer in Winnebago County IL. The following are some frequently asked questions individuals have pertaining to these types of cases.

Is it true that more than one man can be recognized as the father of a child?

Yes, it’s true that a child can legally have more than one father. Many mothers and fathers mistakenly assume that a biological father is the only father that can be legally recognized by a judge or court. On the contrary, there are plenty of situations in which more than one man can be classified as a child’s father.

For instance, courts often recognize “presumed fathers.” These are fathers who may have openly established claim to child or who may have married, or attempted to marry, a child’s mother before or after the child was born or conceived. There are also those situations in which an adoptive father has laid claim to a child and is willing to take responsibility for him or her.

How can a mother legally receive child support from a man who’s the alleged father of their child?

The first thing a mother will need to do is reach out to a Paternity Lawyer in Winnebago County IL for assistance. A lawyer will help a mother establish paternity with a simple test. After a man has been legally recognized as a child’s father they’re required to pay child support.

Unfortunately, even after child support has been demanded by a court, a father may still make attempts to blatantly avoid paying their share of support. If this happens, a mother can work with a paternity lawyer to take measures to force payment. For instance, a father’s wages may be garnished, a lien may be placed on their property and they may even be forced to go to jail.

Find more information here if you’ve got more questions about paternity and the legal responsibility of fathers. Again, it’s possible for more than one man to be considered the father of a child. It’s also possible to utilize various methods to force a father to provide child support.


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