Fix Those Automotive Failures With Expert Auto Repair Catoosa, OK

The automobile is one of the most important tools a person or family can own. However, there are numerous things that can go wrong with a car or truck including worn CV joints or other bearings in the drivetrain, excessive wear on the brakes, and engine failure. Professional mechanics such as those at Tate Boys Tire & Service can inspect the vehicle and determine exactly what is causing that odd screeching noise or unusual pop when the vehicle is being driven. If the car is a front-wheel-drive system, the frequent popping noise may indicate a worn CV joint. This particular Auto Repair Catoosa OK can be a difficult fix and requires a mechanic with knowledge of the system and specific tools.

The brakes are arguably the most important components on any vehicle, and there are two types. The first is the drum brake, which was used on older vehicles and can still be found on the rear axles of certain models. Rear brakes tend to last longer because the braking action is lower than it is on the front brakes. Disc brakes have taken over, especially on the front axles, because they provide better stopping power. The system is fairly simple. Each wheel has a caliper unit that houses a piston. The piston applies hydraulic pressure against one pad while pulling the other side just enough that both pads press against the rotor. Of course, this wears down the pads and rotors and usually causes enough damage that replacing the brakes requires professional Auto Repair in Catoosa OK.

There are many things that can go wrong on the engine, and one reason for this is the number of moving components in this area. One thing that can affect the engine is heat, and a damaged cooling system can cause the heat to completely destroy an engine. Signs of overheating include the smell of antifreeze, steam coming from under the hood, or a sudden loss of power. Oil is another vital chemical an internal combustion engine requires. Regularly changing the oil can extend the service life of the engine and improve its efficiency. Please visit website and learn more about automotive maintenance and repair.


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