Filing a Personal Injury Claim with a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

In Nevada, patients have the right to report any instance in which a doctor provides a low standard of care. Under federal health care laws, all doctors must provide high quality health care for all patients. If the doctor fails to comply with these federal laws, the patient could sustain an injury. A medical malpractice lawyer represents victims of medical errors.

Reviewing the Sequence of Events

Any time a patient suffers a medical injury, the doctor is investigated by the medical board. The sequence of events used to perform a surgical procedure are reviewed. All doctors must follow protocol when performing these procedure. A failure to follow policy could deem them liable for the patient’s injuries.

Identifying Administered Medications

The medications provided to the patient are also evaluated. The doctor must provide the most effective treatment option for the patient. A failure to provide adequate medication could present circumstances in which their condition could worsen unnecessarily. When this happens, the court may side with the victim that the doctor didn’t provide adequate care.

The Autopsy Report

When a fatality occurs, an autopsy is performed in order to determine the exact cause of death. The autopsy shows how the doctor’s actions lead to the death of the patient, and it determines what medications could have triggered the reactions. It will also show how the procedure was performed based on the condition of the victim’s body.

The Medical Witness’ Assessment

A medical witness must present their credentials to the court to prove credibility as a witness. Then, they must present the forensic findings and provide clarity about the medical procedure that was performed. They should explain how the error was produced and what options were available for the defendant to avoid the injury or fatality.

In Nevada, patients must report any instance in which they received low standard health care. The doctor that produced an injury is liable if they didn’t perform their job effectively. The court will review forensic assessments if a fatality occurs. Victims of these occurrences should contact a medical malpractice lawyer by visiting for more information today.


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