Every Criminal Attorney in Royse City, TX Wants DWI Clients to Be Aware of the Law

There are many reasons a person might need a criminal defense attorney. They might have been accused of armed robbery, charged with assault and battery, or accused of alleged rape. However, many people that end up needing a criminal defense attorney are those who have been charged with drunk driving. A criminal attorney in Royse City, TX represents clients who have been charged with DWIs. Here are some things potential clients may want to be aware of about DWIs in Texas.

The laws for driving while intoxicated can be very severe in Texas. The blood alcohol content level in Texas is .08 percent for those who are 21 and older, and .04 percent for commercial drivers. For those drivers under 21, any detectable amount of alcohol is cause for a drunk driving charge. Texas law also applies other charges when driving with open containers of alcohol in the passenger area of the whole vehicle. Such a violation can warrant the violator a $500 fine and even six days in jail if they are charged with a DWI.

Other charges can arise from DWIs, depending on the severity of the impairment and the number of prior offenses. There can be license suspensions or revocations, imprisonment, community service, DWI intervention programs and education, and a large increase in the cost of the automobile insurance. Just a first-time offense can end up with the defendant paying a $2,000 fine. An ignition interlock device could also be required for the driver’s vehicle. Defendants stand a better chance of getting no or a lighter punishment by hiring a qualified attorney.

The Law Office of Tim Hartley have been providing legal solutions for clients in Royse City and the surrounding areas for many years. The areas of practice include personal injury cases, such as dog bites and slips and falls, and criminal law, such as DWIs, drug crimes, and white collar crimes. For anyone in need of a criminal attorney in Royse City TX, these attorneys are available. To get more information, visit website.


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