Essentials of Piping Projects in the Market

A professional building or construction project requires great in-depth knowledge and skills on the types of materials necessary to ensure a successful outcome. Such projects would include pipe taps that are essential components in the process.

Desired Features

Every home or office in any place where society thrives would require essential piping projects to ensure a comfortable lifestyle or workplace. There must be certain desirable features of pipes that ensure strong applications to be aptly implemented.

This is where piping experts must understand the essential features of pipe taps which should be of carbon steel available in right-hand configurations that are best suited for specific building projects. It is preferred that such taps should be constructed with a ¾-inch taper per foot with a marked pilot hole for the drill size.


In many applications, pipe taps would require pipe threads to join units that would be instrumental in a smooth flow of gases or liquids. With the right implementation, fuel, water, oil or compressed air could be sent through the straight internal pipe threads although many are assembled with tapered heads.

Tapping could be more difficult with tapered pipe threads compared to straight threads. Tapping tapered pipe threads require every tap tooth must be engaged in the cutting until completion.

Different styles are designed in the market using various materials for different applications in the industry. Hence, it is common to find low to high quality pipe taps in the market to suit every budget while optimizing production.  There is also a demand for interrupted thread tools that are designed to reduce chip packing as the tap becomes totally engaged in the process.

Various Tap Options

Different applications in the market would require different types of pipe taps. It is common to find extension shank taper taps which could be manufactured on demand within 24 hours based on a special production program by specific suppliers.

There are also straight thread pipes which could be right or left hand tapered for the convenience of users. The market also supplies taper tap threads of specific depths to cater to the different applications.

Various standards of pipes are manufactured for fitting the different needs of the project. This includes the British standard pipe parallel, the American National standard taper pipe and the PTF-SAE standard.

Different sizes with choice of internal threading or external threading are available from these globally recognized standards on straight pipe fittings with taper options.

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