Enjoy Healthy, Pain-Free Teeth Using General Dentistry in Orland Park, IL

A beautiful smile can be a lot of work unless nature has blessed the person with perfect teeth. Since this is not very likely, the next option is to seek an expert in General Dentistry Orland Park IL. Of course, this is a somewhat broad area, which often confuses the average patient, but general dentistry handles almost any task that the patient requires for keeping their teeth healthy or repairing those that get damaged. Surprisingly, a few of the services that fit into other categories, such as cosmetic dentistry, are also used in general dentistry.

One of the more common reasons that people seek a general dentistry in Orland Park, IL is caries (cavities). The typical cavity starts out as a small blemish that may not even be visible to the naked eye. This is one reason that regular visits to the dentist are important. Keep in mind that even the most diligent person can develop a cavity, and an untreated cavity will soon become a major problem. If the issue is left alone, then there is a high chance that an infection can occur, and the patient will need to be treated for this problem first. The typical solution for an infection is a 7 to 10 day supply of antibiotics. This regimen should eliminate any current infection and help avoid another one when the teeth are being repaired.

Of course, drilling and filling are only one aspect of the dental routine. Another is simple cleaning, x-rays, and inspections of the teeth. This should be handled on a yearly basis so that small caries are quickly found. A cavity that is just beginning to form is much easier to repair than one that has very little enamel or dentin left.

Another reason to consider dental treatment is appearance. One method of adjusting the way the teeth look is bonding and shaping. Bonding uses a tooth-colored putty to fill in any voids. The putty is first shaped to resemble the original tooth and allowed to cure. Once cured, the dentist will shape the remaining putty so the tooth is smooth and blends in properly. Shaping may also be used for any overly large teeth provided that only a little enamel is removed.


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