Efficient Family Sized Water Heaters

Most homeowners are aware of how expensive it can be to run a water heater. Some water heaters cost hundreds of dollars to operate every year. If the water heater isn’t installed properly, it can be even more expensive to operate. Older Water Heaters are also less efficient, and should be replaced with a newer and more efficient model as soon as possible. Newer models of water heaters cost considerably less to operate each year, and with home automation technology, they can cost even less to operate. Best of all, newer models that run more efficiently come in the perfect size for any family, which means no one is left taking a cold shower in the morning.

Homeowners can call their local HVAC service provider for an estimate and installation. Once the old water heater is removed, the new one is installed in the same location. Having the unit professionally installed may increase efficiency, which reduces the cost of operating the unit. Insulation around the pipes and body of the water heater can help prevent heat loss. In regions that don’t experience extreme cold, it might be possible to set the water heater at a lower temperature. Usually, about one hundred and twenty degrees is ideal. A proper installation, insulating the pipes, and setting the thermostat on the unit lower will allow a homeowner to save hundreds of dollars in energy costs over time.

Not all Water Heaters are efficient. Smaller units may cost less to operate, but they run out sooner and leave some family members without hot water. Larger units will have more than enough hot water for large families, but they cost much more to operate. It’s important to choose the ideal size for the family that’s going to be using it. Homes with two people will find a thirty to forty gallon unit to be ideal, while families of five or more would be better served with a fifty to seventy five gallon unit. There are units of varying sizes for any size household, and the size of the unit will determine the overall cost of operation. No matter what size unit is installed, it should be installed by a professional service provider to maximize efficiency. Visit Us for more details.

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