Dental Implants In Elk Grove Village To Restore Your Smile

Dental implants in Elk Grove Village can help to restore your smile. Implants can change your smile for the better. This procedure can be used to replace missing teeth and to give you a natural look that you will love. Implants are like growing back new teeth.  Implants are a safe solution for restoring your teeth.

The Better Option

Dentures are fine but they can be difficult to fit, they can slip and be uncomfortable to wear. Implants can last a lifetime. Dentures have to be replaced and realigned every 5 years or so. The cost of implants is higher because it is a more permanent solution.  Implants do not have to be replaced once they are set in place.

The Process

The process is a relatively simple option. Titanium posts are placed into the jaw bone where the tooth/teeth are missing, it is relatively quick process.  Your dentist can give you more information about the process. Keep in mind that:

Only some dentists have the knowledge to set implants
It is important to use a dentist that has experience with implants

The Success Rate

Some patients worry about the success rate of implants (every patient should be concerned about the success rate). The good news is that the success rate of implants is very high up in the mid 90%. There are some candidates that this may not be ideal for like smokers may have an issue or people that have autoimmune deficiency diseases. The best way to determine whether implants are a good choice for your unique situation is to speak to a dentist that is experienced. You can get the information that you need and come up with a plan that helps to restore your good dental health.  Make Brian Homann DDS your dentist and find out more about implants. And also like us on Facebook.


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