Custom Manufacturers Of Shock Mount Studs

Ideally, Original Equipment Manufacturers choose to work with companies with the ability to create the custom parts and components they need for new lines of equipment and machinery or for existing lines. This working relationship often lasts for decades, with the provider able to work with the OEM to continue to develop cost-effective and high-quality solutions.

When it comes to custom shock mount studs, find the right company to produce the studs will be important. Many of the companies offering vibration isolation and protection products are not the manufacturers, which means they only provide off the shelf standard types of parts and components.

The manufacturers providing customized anti-vibration mounts are often located outside of the United States, or some of their processing is done outside of the USA. This often results in longer turnaround time for orders, something which is a significant concern for OEMs.

US-Based Companies

There are a small number of companies offering both standard as well as custom shock mount studs based in the United States. Of these companies, fewer still offer full manufacturing in the USA. The companies that do offer U.S. made parts and components offer fast turnaround time on orders as well as full quality control processes to meet industry standards required by small and large OEMs.

When comparing companies, consider the options they offer in their products. Do they provide the shape, style, and options needed for your equipment and machinery, or will you need to modify the design?

Before making any modification to accommodate for standard shock mount studs, consider the option of custom types of designs. With expertise and experience, a top vibration control company may be able to find an existing product to provide the protection needed without having to compromise or change anything on the original design.


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