Cremation In Cincinnati OH Can Cost Less Than A Traditional Funeral And Is Less Stressful On A Family

Planning a funeral is emotionally draining on a grieving family. Planning your final wishes ahead of time will save the family from trying to do what’s right for you. Cremation in Cincinnati OH offers an affordable solution that can be planned ahead of time or for you to choose from a deceased loved one. A traditional funeral can be physically and emotionally draining on a family when they must spend two days during a viewing and a funeral the third day. The family that’s out of town may not have the financial resources to attend a funeral within a few days, and this can cause family rifts if they’re unable to be there.

Visiting a funeral home to make final arrangements can be very difficult during the grieving process. Cremation in Cincinnati OH offers a simple and cost-effective approach that can be paid for online. All of the arrangements can be done in the comfort of a loved one’s home. Cremation is a simple process that reduces human remains into ash using high heat and flame. Cremation usually takes two to three hours to complete and the family won’t have to purchase a casket or a cemetery plot.

Cremated ashes usually resemble coarse sand and weigh between four and eight pounds. Ashes are placed into a sturdy plastic urn, and the family can purchase a more elaborate urn if they choose. Ashes can be placed in one location for family members to visit, or the family may choose to scatter the ashes of their loved one in their favorite place. Ashes can be permanently placed in a communal or private inurnment above or below the ground. Cremation is more environmentally friendly that embalming fluids.

Cremation can cost under $1,000 and the ashes can be returned to the family. There are mandatory taxes that must be paid when service is paid for. Death certificates can be ordered and they can be express mailed to the family. A crematory will help the family to write and place an obituary in the local newspapers. This type of service is more affordable than a traditional funeral service which can cost upwards of $10,000 to $20,000.


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