Clearing Clogs in Plumbing Fixtures in Mount Vernon WA and Preventing Future Problems

Plumbing Fixtures in Mount Vernon WA include any devices that are attached to a basic system of pipes. The main purpose of the fixtures is to deliver water and drain it away. Sometimes a faucet has to be replaced if it starts dripping frequently, but sink, tub and shower drains usually do not ever need replacement unless the homeowners decide they want a different style.

Do-It-Yourself Efforts

The main problem that tends to develop with these Plumbing Fixtures in Mount Vernon WA is a clog in the pipe, typically in the P-joint under the drain. Sometimes a clog can be disrupted enough to flush away by pouring a blend of vinegar, baking soda and hot water down the drain. Special drain plungers also can do the trick; they look similar to toilet plungers but have a much shorter handle. Plumbers recommend that people not use harsh commercial drain cleansers that may damage pipes over time and that emit toxic fumes into the air.

Professional Assistance

If these techniques don’t work very well or the problem keeps recurring, calling for professional assistance may become necessary. Plumbers may start with a mechanical snake device or may use specialized tools to dismantle the joint and pipe under the drain, after which they can manually remove the clog. Those blockages commonly consist of accumulated hair, lint, soap scum, dirt, greasy substances and food particles, depending on which drain is being cleared.

Preventing Future Problems

Plumbers can provide advice on ending or minimizing these problems in the future. For instance, it’s better to wipe food, sauce or oil from a pan with a paper towel and throw that away, instead of rinsing off those substances in the sink. Using a strainer in or over all drains blocks hair, bits of fabric and other debris from the pipe.

A Change of Drain Style

Some tub drains have a pop-up design that makes it difficult for household residents to eliminate clogs without assistance. They may want to have a plumber with a company like LaVergne’s Plumbing & Heating replace this with a different style of drain after resolving the immediate problem. Information on this particular contractor can be seen at

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