Blast Doors: Keeping Work Environments Safe

The first priority of any working environment is to ensure the safety and protection of all the employees present. When that’s covered, what comes next is the preservation and protection of everything onsite—such as the data, equipment and premises itself. In cases where the potential threat of fire, blasts, and explosions are present, anticipating the worst and being prepared for it isn’t just a good thing to have, it’s a necessary safety measure.

Safety Measures at a Nuclear Facility
In an article published on Popular Mechanics, one that offered a rare behind-the-scenes look at a nuclear facility, one such safety measure mentioned were explosion-resistant doors. From concrete and steel blast doors that were about as thick as 4.5 feet to explosion-resistant doors operated by an old-school hydraulic hand-pump, it’s clear that these doors have always been an important part of the nation’s protection and response strategy. It also goes to show just how much work environments or industries—where safety precautions and measures on all levels are implemented—hugely rely on the layer of protection that blast doors provide.

Benefits of Blast Doors
Wondering about what about benefits could these heavy duty doors provide? Here are some of them

1. Defense and Security. These days, explosion-resistant doors are installed in many areas. Government and corporate offices as well as banks, police stations and even convenience stores recognize the importance of putting these custom-built doors in place. Military bases, of course, continue to employ these as a part of rigorous safety and security measures to keep threats out of these facilities.
2. Limit damage to one area. Aside from security and protection, entry resistant doors also help limit the damage to one area. If a laboratory blows up, these doors have been built and designed to contain the explosion, which successfully restricts the damage to one area. This helps ensure that the explosion doesn’t completely devastate the entire work environment. Also, by containing the explosion, there are less risks that the fire could get into heavy machinery, fuel likes or other flammable parts of the facility that could lead to an instant blow-up, preventing the evacuation of anything and anyone onsite.
3. Protection of on-site staff. In the case of a fire or explosion breaking out, these impact-resistant doors allow the onsite staff to evacuate to another area and close that off. This prevents them from being exposed to the blast or fragments of the blast, ensuring their safety in case of in-house or internally-induced explosions.

These are just 3 benefits to installing blast doors. If you want to keep your work environment safe, take a gander at how these impact-resistant doors could help you out.


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