Automatic Transmission Information You Can Use

An automatic transmission is easy to use as a driver. Once you put your car in drive, the transmission takes over and gears shift automatically. Made up of numerous components, it is an essential piece to your automatic vehicle.

An automatic transmission is centered around the planetary gearset, the main component of the system. This is the heart of where the gears are produced and maintained. There are also various bearings, seals and rings that make up the transmission. Each piece has its own importance and needs to be in top condition to function correctly.

If you are handy around vehicles, repairing an automatic transmission is doable. Many car suppliers carry automatic transmission kits. These kits help you rebuild your transmission when necessary. The kits are vehicle specific, so you need to make sure you are purchasing the correct one.

Price can vary from $50 to a few hundred dollars. Research online and in store the right fit for you depending on your car model and budget. If a complete transmission overhaul is needed, the kits have all the parts necessary to rebuild basically from scratch.

Make sure you maintain your transmission. Check the transmission fluid by inspecting the dipstick. Wipe clean the stick and put it back in the hole. Pull out once again to check the level of the fluid. If the fluid lies under the pre-marked location, you need to top off your fluids as soon as possible.

Make sure you inspect the transmission on a consistent basis. If you know what to look for, you can do it on your own and save money. If not, contact a local car dealership or garage to do the inspection for you. If you stay on top of maintenance, this will eliminate any future hassle or big ticket repairs down the road.

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