An Auto Brake Repair Service in Fort Riley, KS Can Perform Regular Maintenance on Your Vehicle

There are parts of a car or truck that drivers take for granted. Brakes are a good example of parts that drivers take for granted. Fortunately, statistics show that less than five percent of auto accidents can be completely blamed on faulty brakes. Yet, for the accidents that are caused by bad brakes, there are ways to reduce even that percentage by careful maintenance of the brake system. There are automotive repair shops that offer auto brake repair service in Fort Riley KS. These are some things that should be known about the braking system in most vehicles.

Parts of the braking system drivers should at least familiarize themselves with are the brake lines, brake calipers, brake rotors, brake pads, backing plates (found in drum brake systems), and brake shims. The brake lines transfer the brake fluid between the various components of the braking system. The brake reservoir should always be at the appropriate level. If the fluid level is extremely low, the brake lines may need to be checked for a hole. The brake calipers enable the stopping power of the vehicle. The caliper fits over the rotors and causes the vehicle to slow down by creating friction on the rotors.

The brake rotors are essential also for the stopping power of the vehicle. Sometimes, the rotors can be turned rather than replaced during servicing. A qualified mechanic can determine this for sure. There are two types of rotors used for vehicles: drilled rotors and slotted rotors. Which is appropriate for a certain vehicle can also be determined by a qualified auto mechanic. To ensure that all parts of the braking system are working properly, the vehicle should be taken to an automotive repair shop for regular maintenance.

Ekart Automotive Service has been providing automotive repair service and solutions for customers in the Fort Riley and Manhattan, Kansas, areas for more than 63 years. In addition to brake services, the automotive shop also offers service on engines, transmissions, and auto air conditioning. If a customer is looking to get Auto Brake Repair Service in Fort Riley KS, the automotive shop is available. Contact Ekart Automotive Services at


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