An Attorney Can Help Clients Win Social Security Disability Claims

Social Security allows some disabled people to get financial help that’s separate from employer-provided disability payments. Such assistance is typically called SSDI, or Social Security Disability Insurance. Only those with certain problems can receive SSDI, and eligibility is primarily dependent on the nature of the illness in relation to the person’s job. An eligible claimant may begin collecting payments before retirement age. Read on to learn how the SSA defines disability, and to learn how an attorney can help when Social Security disability claims are denied.

The SSA’s Definition of Disability

The SSA maintains a strict, complex definition of disability and eligibility requirements. A primary factor is whether a person’s condition prevents them from getting a job and/or keeping it for a predetermined period. The requirements for SSDI are complicated, but the SSA typically follows a three step process when determining eligibility.

• Some of the most severe conditions automatically qualify a person for assistance from the Social Security Administration. The SSA keeps a list of conditions resulting in automatic eligibility, such as heart disease, kidney failure, severe arthritis, mental illness and brain damage.

• For less-severe disabilities, the Social Security Administration determines whether the condition prevents the claimant from doing their former or current job duties.

• For still less-obvious cases, the administration determines whether the person’s condition prevents them from finding other gainful employment under current economic conditions.

In some instances, a person may need to call an attorney if they need help fulfilling the eligibility requirements for SSDI. A lawyer can ensure that the claimant files the right paperwork, to increase their chances of getting approved for benefits.

Does a Claimant Need an Attorney to Help with a Social Security Disability Claim?

The help provided by a local attorney may be valuable when a person needs to file Social Security disability claims. For example, one may need a lawyer’s help if they have previously been denied coverage and they need help appealing the decision. Alternatively, if a person’s current monthly payments are stopped for no clear reason, the claimant might need to call Sara J. Frankel Law Offices, PC for representation or advice during a court case. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.


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