Alternative Options for New Transmissions in Independence, MO

A faulty transmission doesn’t have to send a person’s car to the scrapheap, but a transmission that has totally failed can cost a great deal of money to have repaired. That’s why, when it comes to Transmissions in Independence MO, a few alternatives may need to be explored.

The Exorbitant Cost for a New Transmission

The first thing to remember is that new transmissions may be the optimal choice, but the cost of the transmission and the labor to remove the old transmission and replaced it with a new unit can be expensive. The average cost for a new transmission can range anywhere from $2000-$3500 and, depending on the car, the cost can be even higher. Unless a vehicle is covered under a power train warranty, this can be a fair amount of money for a person to come up with and it’s typically not the kind of money people can spend indiscriminately.

Alternatives to a New Unit

In these instances, getting a used transmission or rebuilding the transmission may be the best option from an affordability standpoint. Replacing a transmission, whether it’s a new unit, a reconditioned unit or a used unit, or rebuilding the existing transmission is still going to be expensive. Not only is the cost for the transmission going to be pricey, but the amount of labor a person will pay for in order to have the transmission replaced or rebuilt is going to be one of the higher repair costs a car owner will have to face.

If you have a transmission that is acting up and its ultimate failure is an inevitability, used or reconditioned Transmissions in Independence MO may be exactly what you’re looking for. Replacing a transmission still may be a significant hit to your wallet, but the impact can be lessened quite a bit by choosing an alternative instead of a new transmission unit.

If you’re curious about your options, and you want to do a bit of cost comparison, the best thing to do is go online and check on a website like This will give you all the options available for replacing a failed transmission on your vehicle.
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