All About Canada’s Craft Beer Adoration

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Food

Craft beer is more than a beverage. It is a movement and a school of thought about the skilled and traditional creation of something that has been that way for hundreds of years. And in Canada, it is a lifestyle and a passion for thousands of people.

The Definition of Craft Beer

In 1985, there were less than a dozen breweries operating in Canada. While they were producing plenty of product to satisfy demands, they were mass-producing it, leading to a dip in quality and craftsmanship. The revolution began when beer connoisseurs realized that smaller would be better in the world of brewing.

Today, there are over 700 breweries in Canada, and over 95% of beer brewed in the country is considered craft beer. These are any beers that are brewed in small, independent facilities, using traditional methods. What’s great about that relatively wide definition is that it leaves plenty of room for differences between the many beers currently available.

Keeping It Real – and Small

When a beer is particularly popular, it can be very tempting for a brewery to consider expanding – or selling out to a larger company. However, part of the charm and appeal of craft brewing is that the beer is made in small batches and is crafted with more care than could be found in larger facilities. For those who truly love a good craft brew, keeping things small is all part of keeping it as authentic as possible.

Sharing the Passion with Others

One of the best parts of enjoying Vancouver craft beer is sharing the love of the process and the product with others. There are many magazines and websites focused on the art of craft beer that draw thousands of readers from all around the world. Check some out and see why Canadians love their home-brewed traditions so much!

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