Advice For Determining If You Need a Traffic Attorney in Culpeper

Whether you’ve been driving for over a decade, or you’ve just recently received your license, you simply never know when you might be pulled over for a traffic violation. As careful as you might be on the road, there is always the possibility that you’ve violated a traffic law that requires you to appear in court and pay a fine. There are times in which hiring a Traffic Attorney in Culpeper can clear your driving record, get the fines lowered, or get your sentence reduced.

Determining if You Need a Lawyer
Most individuals would not think to hire a traffic lawyer when they’ve received a ticket, and instead the head to court and face the music. While every traffic ticket does not require the defense of an attorney, there are some instances in which having legal representation could do you some good. Some infractions that might benefit from the services of an attorney includes: speeding tickets, driving without a license or insurance, hit and run accidents, if a driver has outstanding warrants for unpaid tickets, reckless driving, or DUI charges.

Determining How Much it Will Cost
While prices will vary by legal professional, in most instances a Traffic Attorney in Culpeper will charge you an hourly rate to represent you in court. However, the rate will essentially be determined based upon the complexity of the case. It is also possible that your attorney could charge you one flat rate. When trying to factor in the costs of an attorney, it is ideal to inquire about this information during your initial consultation.

What to Expect At The Consultation
When you’re not sure if you require a Traffic Attorney in Culpeper it is always best to request an initial consultation. This is a meeting in which you get to talk with a skilled attorney and tell your side of the story. They will gather information from you and determine whether you have a case. From there, they will go over their next course of action and the process will begin to prepare for your trial date.

Getting a ticket is never fun, especially when it can affect your driving history for a long time. If you feel that you are innocent, or simply want to get the fines lowered, hiring a Traffic Attorney in Culpeper is ideal. While they cannot guarantee positive outcomes, their knowledge of the law and experience in court can greatly improve the chances.


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