A Personal Injury Attorney in Auburn, CA Helps Injured Clients File for Damages

When a person is seriously injured in a car accident, they face the task of paying many medical bills. Even with health insurance, the cost of recovery can be beyond the ability of many people to pay. A person who is unable to work may lose their job and their insurance. If the car accident was caused by a negligent person, the injured person is entitled to recover damages to cover the cost of medical treatment and replace their wages. However, they have to show that the driver was negligent. Because this can be difficult, the injured person should hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Auburn CA.

The attorney will review police reports and eyewitness accounts of the accident. He will also inspect the phone records of the negligent driver. If the person was talking on their phone or applying make-up, they are considered to be distracted and negligent. Speeding and aggressive driving are also negligent activities. Most people know that they shouldn’t drink and drive. That also applies to prescription medications that make them drowsy or confused. Once the Personal Injury Attorney in Auburn CA, has identified a negligent activity, he can file a claim for damages.

The damages claim must show how the accident caused the injury. It must also place a dollar value on the cost of medical treatment and lost wages. The injured person may also request damages for emotional trauma and pain and suffering. Most drivers have car insurance. The lawyer will file the claim with the insurance company. It is not uncommon for the insurance company to deny that their client was negligent. They may also require that the injured person be examined by one of their doctors. The doctor may find that the injury is less severe than the person claims. He may also find that the person can return to work. The personal injury lawyer knows how to counter these findings. Most claims are settled without going to trial.

Sevey Donahue and Talcott Law Firm is a legal practice that represents injured people. They will meet with a person at no cost to review the facts of the accident.


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