A Necessary Middleman – Why Your Business Needs A Freight Broker

A freight broker is a company that works as a middleman between a business making a shipment and the freight transportation services that move the shipment. Including them in the shipping process works to everyone’s benefit. Here are a couple of reasons your business should use a broker if you plan on shipping freight.

You Can Save Money

It might not seem like adding a third party to the mix could save you money, but it really can. The broker has a long list of freight shipping services that they work with very closely. These close relationships result in discounted prices for the broker service. The broker then passes those discounted prices to the company that needs to ship their goods.

This system is beneficial for your business, the broker, and the freight service. Your company saves money because of the broker’s relationships. The broker makes money by organizing and conducting the transactions. Finally, the freight transportation services make money from the additional business.

Find The Transportation You Need

If you aren’t versed in all things shipping, then you might have a difficult time organizing the right type of transportation with reputable freight transportation services. The broker handles all of this difficult work for you. They can find you the right vehicle for the job, whether a flatbed or a reefer, and they know the best carriers that can transport your shipment.

A quality broker takes the time to inspect and certify all of the transportation services that work with them. You don’t need to spend time researching and interviewing each shipping service. Instead, you find a broker that you can trust, and then you know everything else will be up-to-par.

It’s Good For Business

How much free time do you have to spend searching for freight shippers, reading reviews, scheduling appointments, and negotiating rates? Probably not much if you are already busy running a business. Let a freight broker handle that work for you so that you can focus on the jobs that really matter to you.


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