A Call Center that Comports with Medical Policies

If you’ve recently hired a call medical call center to help you with the needs of your medical practice, then there are a number of things that you need to take into account. Chances are, the medical call center is unware of the policies in your office and isn’t familiar with how you expect your patients to be treated.

In order to bridge the gap, there are a number of ways that you can inform the call center to ensure that your patients receive some of the best patient care available that is up to part with your expectations.

Talk with the Managers
One of the first steps that you should take is to discuss your concerns with the call center manager. The call center manager likely has all of the resources and capabilities to inform its staff of your concerns and policies.

When visiting the manager you should outline your policies, explain how you want your patients to be treated during a phone call, and to touch base on how the staff already work with patients so that you can protect your office’s image and the needs of your patients.

Provide a Copy of Medical Policies
Another step that you should take is to provide a copy of your office’s medical policies. The medical policies should provide information on issues such as patient confidentiality, providing medical advice, speaking on behalf the doctor and the establishment, and other similar information.

With a policy manual on hand, the individuals at the call center will be much better equipped to treat through the rough terrain of working in the medical field, even if it is just at a call center. You also shouldn’t forget to update the policy page on a yearly basis so that the call center has everything they need.

Visit the Call Center
Finally, you should also take the time to visit the call center or to send one of your staff to visit the call center. By visiting the call center, you can view how the call center deals with patient’s calls and whether the manner comports with your office policy and expectations. If there is an issue, then you shouldn’t hesitate to bring it up with the manager so that you can ensure that all of the right steps are taken to protect your office and your life’s work as a doctor.

No More Phone Tag is a medical call center that provides call center capabilities to a number of medical establishments. Through this service, medical offices have been able to gain efficiency for patients and quality customer service.


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