A Bankruptcy Attorney in Huntersville, NC can Help a Person Drowning in Medical Bills

Many North Carolina residents are too embarrassed to admit that they are drowning in debt. They may have gotten sick and then lost their job. They hoped once they recovered that they would find new work and start to repay their debts. They have fallen so far behind, they know they will never be able catch up. It’s time for them to call a Bankruptcy Attorney in Huntersville NC for help. There is nothing to fear. The law provides legal relief for people overwhelmed by debt. The lawyer will help the debtor navigate the system. He is not there to judge them.

It is hard for many debtors to even add up their bills and look at the total. They have to do this to prepare for their first meeting with the attorney. They will also have to add up all of their income sources and assets. This will help the Bankruptcy Attorney in Huntersville NC determine which bankruptcy strategy is best for them. If they make less than the median income for North Carolina residents, they qualify to file for bankruptcy using Chapter 7. This process often takes less than three months to complete. As soon as the lawyer files the bankruptcy papers all creditors will stop trying to collect their debts. This usually will reduce the debtor’s stress levels.

The bankruptcy court will appoint a trustee to oversee the process. The first thing he will do is call a meeting of the creditors. At this meeting, the creditors can ask the debtor about the current status of their debts and income. Most debtors dread the thought of being in a room with all of their creditors. They will have their lawyer there for support. Usually no creditors attend the meeting and it lasts less than 10 minutes.

The next step is to sell off all of the debtor’s non-protected assets. The trustee then distributes the profits to the creditors. Any remaining debts are forgiven. There are a few exceptions. Bankruptcy will not forgive student loans, child support payments or taxes owed to the IRS. Anyone who would like to learn more about filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can visit website to read about it.


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