6 Ways to Prepare for an MRI Exam

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Health

Undergoing an imaging exam? Here are general tips to prepare for it:

Mention possible complications

Don’t forget to inform your doctor of possible complications. If you have intracranial aneurysm clips or metallic objects in your body, a cardiac pacemaker or any other implant that’s electronically active, be sure to mention these to your doctor. The same logic applies if you’re pregnant. Talk to your doctor to sort through alternate measures or tests that can be taken instead.

Be ready for tests

Some tests will be administered prior the procedure to ensure zero complications and problems. If you’re well over 60, have had kidney disease in the past, suffer from diabetes or hypertension, or have liver disease, you will need to undergo specific tests before you can proceed.

Wear the right clothes

Bras with underwire will not work with your attire. Remember, though, that anything 100 percent cotton is permissible.

Get rid of any metallic objects

This includes jewelry pieces or drug delivery patches & Tattoos. Keep in mind that the MRI machine is basically a giant magnet so removing all metallic objects is a must, says Health Guide. However, going into the scanner with metal underneath the crowns of your teeth is perfectly safe so no worries.

Practice stillness

You can’t move while the procedure is happening. This will skew results. You might need to stay longer as a result. If you want to get through the testing in the quickest way possible, then relax and try to stay still as much and as long as you can. Distract yourself mentally to ensure you keep still, with as little to no movements as possible.

Find an open MRI

An open MRI machine can resolve all your issues with tight places. If you want more comfort, a machine with an open design will work better for you.

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