4 Ways an Air Travel Companion Makes Life Easier for You and Your Elderly Parents

Planning a trip for your elderly parents doesn’t have to stress you out. Here’s how hiring an air travel companion can help ensure that they get the best possible help on their flight:

Support and assistance

Do your elderly parents require wheelchairs? A companion can easily make arrangements in advance to prepare when your parents arrive at the airport. It should take a load off your mind— knowing someone else is looking at these details, allowing you to stay on top of all of the other things that your parents might need.

Hassle-free clearance

It’s standard for seniors 75 years old and above to go through expedited security clearance, says Cheapair. However, getting your parents through the security lanes may still come with a bit of difficulty, especially if you’re trying to navigate the way with luggage and medicine bags while keeping both of them in your sight. By hiring an air travel companion, you can rest easy knowing someone is keeping an eye on them.

Protection and safety

Travel is already difficult for frequent flyers. But traveling for seniors can be even more difficult. Imagine the harm a careless bump could lead to? They could fall and hurt their hip. Old age tends to make human bones frail and brittle to the point that a bump could easily hurt them and compromise their health and safety. When you travel with a companion, though, you know someone’s going to be there to make sure no one will carelessly bump into your parents or jostle them in the crowd. You know they’ll get to where they’re going safe and sound.

Knowledge and experience

A good travel companion for the elderly can also help you manage your parents’ medication. Even if you have a ton of things on your plate, you won’t have to worry about your parents missing a dose. A good companion will be sure to remind you.

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