4 Tips to Board Your Pet Without Anxiety

You’ve heard of pets with separation anxiety, but going on vacation without your beloved furry friend can be just as stressful for you as it is for your pet! If you’re concerned about leaving your dog or cat when you travel, you’re not alone. To reduce the anxiety of travel and separation for both you and your pet, try some of the tips below before your next extended stay away from home.

  1. PawCulture suggests taking your pet to visit the boarding facility about a week before you leave for your trip. This will allow your pet to acclimate to the surroundings while also assuring you of the facility’s cleanliness and functionality. Knowing what to expect on the day you leave can do a lot to reduce the stress that day.
  2. Remember that setting up your dog or cat with a pet boarding service in Great Falls, MT means that you are taking responsibility for the care of your pet while you’re away. Just because you are leaving home does not indicate that you are irresponsible or neglectful. The fact that you are feeling anxiety about leaving your pet is a sign that you are the complete opposite of neglectful—instead, you care deeply for your pet and are taking steps to keep them safe and comfortable.
  3. If you’re particularly worried about your pet while you’re away, ask the facility where you are boarding your pet if they would text or email you a picture of your precious fuzzball once or twice during your vacation. Not only will this assure you that your pet is in good hands, but having a new picture to hold onto during your time away will bring you joy!
  4. Similarly, you may even be able to schedule a Skype or Facetime meeting with your pet! What could be better than seeing their ears perk up at the sound of your voice?

Keep these tips in mind the next time you are setting up pet boarding with a facility in Great Falls, MT, and you’ll be well on your way to less anxiety and a happier vacation.


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