4 Tips to a Better Maintenance Checklist

Heating and AC problems are easy enough to deal with, if you know what you’re up against. That’s why maintenance helps in a big way. With regular maintenance sessions, you know if your system needs a simple tune up, repair job or if it needs to be completely overhauled. Here are a few things you need to keep on your maintenance checklist:

1. Review and adjust your thermostat settings

Do you adjust your settings when you’re away from home? By adjusting temp settings when you aren’t there or when it’s night and you don’t need to set the temp so high or low—depending on what the season is—you could save up on your home’s energy consumption a whole lot more.

2. Inspect and tighten all electrical connections

If you’ve got any faulty electrical connections, then that’s a major red flag. Have those seen to right away. If you don’t, you could be putting yourself and your home at terrible risk.

3. Check your heating and AC system regularly

Make sure it starts, runs and shuts down properly. Anything that deviates from the operations stated in your manual is a cause for concern. Don’t risk running your unit when it’s unsafe for you to do so. If you think anything’s off, call for an AC and heating repair service in Alpharetta right away. Have those problems and issues seen to before they turn into an even bigger trouble. The bigger the mess, the more expensive your repair costs will be.

4. Know how to clean your air filters

This is easy enough to do on your own. Inspect your air filters thoroughly to see if a good cleanup will get the job done or if you need to replace it with a better one. Another tip: replace your air filter every 90 days for better results.


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