4 Effective Ways to Deal with Mercedes Benz Dealers

Plenty of horror stories about shady dealers are enough to put any first-time car buyer on guard. Don’t worry. Here are a few steps to help you negotiate with Mercedes Benz dealers for your first time out:

Look out for a bait and switch

In some dealerships, a car salesman might try to lure you into buying a more expensive model by switching with someone else, who will usually turn out to be a more persuasive dealer. Don’t fall for that switch. If you aren’t ready to buy, just look around and move on.

Do your homework

There are good financing offers out there. But don’t expect these offers to land at your feet. You’re going to have to work at it. Find out what incentives the dealers offer and think long and hard about whether these incentives work for you or not.

Use a payment calculator

Not knowing the costs can ruin your shopping experience. You could end up getting a car that costs more than you want to spend. By using a payment calculator, you can easily keep your budget in sight. This should help you decide if the car is ideal for you and your budget or if you need to keep looking. Dealerships like the B.U.Bhandari Motors offer a financial calculator so you can do the math and check if the numbers add up right. That way, you know if the dealer is quoting you the right price or not.

Focus on the purchase price

Some Mercedes Benz dealers might try to convince you to go for longer payment plans. Avoid these at all costs, says CNN. Focus on negotiating the purchase price down rather than being obsessed with the monthly payment instead. This should be handy in getting the best price possible for the car. It’s an excellent way to make the most out of the sale.


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