3 Tips For Caring For Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals serve the very important function of keeping your drains clear and disposing of excess waste in your drain system. Every time your garbage disposal breaks, it can be very inconvenient for the entire family. By understanding how to keep up with your garbage disposals, you can be well on your way to keeping your system running well and damage free. This can reduce the repair costs and replacement costs you may encounter later on down the line.

Tip #1 – Keep fibrous items out of your garbage disposal

One of the main ways to make sure garbage disposals don’t keep breaking down is by keeping them clear of fibrous items. These types of items include celery, rhubarb, and other food items that can get wrapped around the motor of the garbage disposal. Instead try to dispose of these food items in the regular trash receptacle so you can avoid a costly repair process.

Tip #2 – Hard items can break the system

Bottles or glasses that are slim in construction can hide in the sink where they can become shattered in the garbage disposal system. This can make the system break down and the shards dangerous to remove. Always check the garbage disposal system prior to turning it on to make sure that there are no glasses lodged inside. Also check for other hard food items such as bones which could also break the system.

Tip # 3 – Avoid pouring fats and greases into the system

Dispose of fat and greases in another way other than your kitchen sink. These substances can cause garbage disposals to break requiring you to contact your local plumber for assistance. Instead you can avoid costly repairs by taking this wise precaution.

Adhering to these guidelines will make it easier to keep your garbage disposal running well.

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