3 Common Signs of Alcohol Withdrawal in Fort Lauderdale to Look for in Your Loved One

It is difficult to deal with someone you love who has an alcohol problem. As many times as they try to quit, if they don’t get help, it will probably never happen. There are three signs of alcohol withdrawal in Fort Lauderdale you can look for if you’re worried your loved one may be suffering from them. Read on for a few of the most common signs of alcohol withdrawal to watch for.

Shakiness and Tremors

Shakiness and tremors are the most common signs of alcohol withdrawal in Fort Lauderdale. You will usually start seeing these signs and symptoms about five to 10 hours after the person has had their last drink, normally when they wake up in the mornings.

Being Sick to the Stomach and Vomiting

Another common sign someone is in withdrawal is feeling sick to their stomach or vomiting. This happens as the alcohol starts to work its way out of their system. These symptoms are common, but they can also cause dehydration and more serious health problems if your loved one doesn’t seek help. While this may not seem serious to you, you can help your loved one with their withdrawals before they take by getting them to a clinic for treatment.

An Increase in Heart Rate

An increase in heart rate is another common sign to watch for. However, you need to be careful with this and keep a close eye on your loved one because too much of an increase can lead to a heart attack or other heart problems.


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