2024 Aluminum: The Benefits and Advantages

Aluminum is used in virtually every industry on the planet to one degree or another. Some industries rely on it quite heavily, such as in the distribution of electricity, in the manufacture of automobiles, and in aircraft. Due to the wide range of uses, many different types of aluminum are available. 2024 aluminum is one of the most heavily utilized in several industries due to its benefits and advantages.


2024 aluminum is not pure – it is actually an alloy. The principle non-aluminum metal in the alloy is copper, but magnesium is also included. The result of this fusion is an incredibly strong metal that delivers a yield strength of almost 50,000 PSI. This makes it an ideal option for use in many structural applications, but also for use throughout the aerospace industry. In addition to its high strength to weight ratio, 2024 aluminum also offers excellent fatigue resistance, delivering a long lifespan and resulting in an excellent return on investment for those purchasing finished products that rely on this metal in their makeup and construction.


Unlike ferrous metals and some aluminum alloys, 2024 aluminum does not sacrifice lightweight performance for strength. It remains one of the lightest options for its strength on the market, which is one reason it is so heavily utilized by aircraft manufacturers and other companies within the aerospace industry.


You’ll find 2024 aluminum utilized in many different places, some of which might be rather surprising. The aerospace industry has already been mentioned, where the metal is used to construct things like aircraft wings and fuselage structures. It is also used for other aircraft fittings, but also in transportation industry parts, and even in the construction of truck wheels.

Use Considerations

While 2024 aluminum is incredibly versatile, there are some considerations that must be made. For instance, this metal must be welded very carefully, as it can be prone to heat cracking and stress corrosion. Hot forming is also not possible with this alloy.

Is It Right for You?

Is 2024 aluminum the right choice for your specific needs? It could be – in plate form, it’s incredibly versatile, and there are also many applications that rely on it in sheet form. However, there are numerous other aluminum alloys available that offer additional benefits and advantages and that might be better suited to your specific needs, goals, design considerations and manufacturing tolerances.


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