You Can Determine If Your Windshield Can Be Repaired

If you know what to look for you may be able to save yourself from having to replace your windshield, auto glass repair is possible on certain types of chips and cracks.

You may think that the windshield of your car is just there to stop you from being subjected to the elements; it is far more than that. The windshield is an absolutely important part of the structural integrity of your car and is one of the important safety features. A windshield is a laminated structure composed of two sheets of glass bonded to a central sheet of a plastic material, this laminated construction ensures that the windshield will not shatter in the event of an accident and the windshield adds to the strength of the car roof in the event of a rollover.

    *   What damages a windshield?

The most common form of damage to any windshield is small chips and cracks that happen when a stone or other road debris is thrown up by another vehicle. Although the damage is small it can easily weaken the windshield as well as obstruct your vision. If auto glass repair is to be successful it must be done as soon as possible after the event.

   *   What damage can be repaired?

The key is size, the smaller the area the easier it is to repair. If a chip can be hidden by a half dollar chances are it can be successfully repaired, if a crack can be covered by a dollar bill it can be repaired. Long cracks or multiple cracks are often impossible to repair.

   *   How long has the crack been there?

It is important that the damage be repaired as quickly as possible after it happened. If the damage is let go it tends to pick up debris, dust and dirt that must be removed in its entirety before effective repair can be done.

Auto glass repair only takes about 45 minutes to accomplish, if you can’t get to the shop there are many mobile service providers available.

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