Wondering How should a Shingle Roof be Installed?

Many home owners wonder How should a Shingle Roof be Installed because they think that it might be possible to put a new roof on their home themselves. The process is a multi part one, and it can vary according to the type and size of the house or building. Most commercial and residential roofing contractors recommend that home owners allow a professional to take care of the roof installation. This allows for a warranty after the job is done, and it also insures that the job is done right the first time.

Usually, the first step to installing a shingle roof is the starter strip. This strip is designed to be a backer for the base shingles. The starter strip keeps moisture and water from seeping into the roof materials underneath it. Sometimes the starter strips are pre cut, which makes it simpler for the installer. Starter strips can help cut costs, which is especially important for home owners who choose the most expensive types of shingles. Sometimes starter strips have self adhesive backs, and in other cases the contractor must use an industrial glue to adhere them.

Generally, the shingles are installed beginning with the bottom corner. The shingles are generally fitted together very snugly because they are designed to be interlocking. Naturally, the shingles are not going to match the roof precisely, especially on the ends. In the areas where the shingles are hanging over the edge, they must be precisely cut. The edges may be shaved slightly so that they merge perfectly with the other roofing materials. At the top of the roof, the shingles will overlap each other as well. The contractor will typically leave a spot for the vent hole, which is trimmed precisely for the best functionality.

In most cases, the asphalt shingles and most other types of shingles, are installed using a professional nail gun. The nails must be inserted into the shingles at a specific angle to make sure that they stay exactly where they need to be. A contractor will usually map out the entire installation plan on paper before they begin. If you’re wondering How should a Shingle Roof be Installed, visit HEParmer.com to learn more.

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