What is Collaborative Divorce?

For those married partners that are considering getting divorced, a new option is available as opposed to the typical adversarial approach. This approach is called collaborative divorce, which is a specified area that of family law where the attorneys are trained in these areas:

  • Negotiation
  • Compromise
  • Utilizing skills in a friendly environment

Friendly Environment

This approach is to focus on maintaining a friendlier setting versus the typical approach where the parties tend to harbor feelings of resentment, anger, and acrimony. There are many advantages to consider in this collaborative approach, but teamwork and commitment is required for both parties to work together towards having an amicable divorce.

Search the Internet

For those that are living in the Northbrook area, they should consider looking on the Internet for information surrounding Northbrook collaborative divorce. They will easily be able to find more information about this type of divorce, which may in turn, alleviate some stress in this hard time for the family. Overall, for those that choose to go through with a Northbrook collaborative divorce will have more power of what the outcome of the divorce is. Both parties will have the opportunity to voice their opinions about the situation and be able to freely state what they ‘expect’ the outcome to be.

Reach a Settlement Outside of Court

Rather than arguing and going back and forth between attorneys, working on negotiations and so forth, with Northbrook collaborative divorce, a settlement will be reached in a compromised manner where both parties will feel that what is to come will be fair. Instead of leaving their fate in the hands of the court, the final decisions on how a marriage will end will solely be based upon the wants and needs of those who will be going through the divorce.

Cost Effective Solution

In comparison to regular litigation, the Northbrook collaborative divorce is far less expensive and takes less time. There is no more need to think about readjusting schedules, which may cause issues in personal lives, the couple will be able to schedule where they meet to complete the process. Divorce court timetables can be hard to deal with at times, and they rarely ‘fit’ anyone’s schedule, which really just makes the process more stressful.

The whole goal with Northbrook collaborative divorce is to reach a settlement prior to filing the paperwork within the court. This form of divorce is less abrasive and stringent and if the couple had worked so many years together building a life, it allows them the same opportunity to handle the situation that they got themselves into in a friendly manner. This approach tends to be more efficient and better for the family unit, especially if there are kids involved. The children will be able to see that divorce does not mean fighting and that their parents are still working together while they go their separate ways.

For more information about Northbrook collaborative divorce, visit our website at divorcelawyerschicago.org and feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have.


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